VESCEL™ Datastore

A new patented way to share data without giving up control

about us

A Vescel is a cryptographic container that you can put any digital asset into and share it without giving up control.

A Data Science Revolution

A Vescel is an encapsulated piece of data that Is held in its own complete package. It’s like a database where every user have their own private instance of the database, except when you store things in this database they inherit the ability to control them like never before.

start with a better data model

The core of any database is the data model. For the last 60 years computers have used the hierarchical model. It is time to evolve. Vescel is built with patented data model that is robust enough to semantically describe your data.

forget security think control

Access control lists (ASL) are how you get security in the hierarchical file system. You therefore need elaborate ways to manage ACLs. You can have security without control but once you have control then you eliminate entire classes of security problems.

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what we make -containerized datastores

Vescel™ is a tool to build entirely new classes of applications. It's like a database where every user has their own walled instance of the database.

--- Innovation- Made Simple
Vescel DS

A full featured, acid compliant, military grade secure, data store with built in immutability and ephemerality.

Vescel Browser

Each Vescel™ is it's own data object. Use Vescel Browse app to inspect and create new Vescels.

Vescel Global

Deploy a global network of synchronized Vescel datastores from around the corner to around the globe.

who we are our team

We're a close team of creatives who work together to help you create ground breaking innovation

Dhryl Anton

15 years in structured finance, 20 years in enterprise software, inventor, philosopher, the man that literally wrote the book.

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Michael McFall

40 years in computer software engineering, film producer, the man that created the things you use on the internet today.

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M. Katherine Anton

Luxury Branding, Marketing, Communications, Human Resources, Operations, the woman that makes it all possible.

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Peter Jensen Haxel

Legal, Patents, Blockchain Guru, outdoor enthusiast, the man that dot's the i's and crosses the t's.

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journalit's feels like magic but it's science

Vescel is patented software for storing objects. Vescel is part of ModeOS (

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Vescel™ is a programable cryptographic software container you can put any digital asset into and share it without giving up control

Vescel Db

Vescel DB is an on-prem database that supports: Full ACID Transactions, Symmetric Encryption (TripleSec) with Enhanced Mylar Architecture.

Vescel Ds

Vescel DS is Semantic Object Store for programmable cryptographic containers stored in a global cloud.

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